List of Services

We use purified water in our office that is stored in a sterile container and replenished every 3 to 4 days. We sterilize our dental instruments with an autoclave and as a further precaution, we use a desinfectant spray manufactured in US and approved for dental office use by the FDA and American Dental Association. Common area surface in the office are routinely cleaned with lysol.

Also, you will notice we use sterile plastics barriers to cover the handles for the dental lamp and other controls for the chair and related equipment. In addition, we use new gloves, saliva ejectors, protective masks and dental burs (drills) for each patient. A company certified by both the federal government of Mexico and USA picks the biohazard waste up every two weeks.

• Crowns

• Zirconium  crowns

• Veneer

• Crowns over implants

• Implant

• Bone graft

• Sinus lifting

• Root canal

• Tooth extraction

• Wisdom tooth extraction

• Filling

• Flexible partials

• Metal partials

• Dentures

• Dentures reline

• Teeth whitening

• Cleaning

• Deep cleaning

• Panoramic x-ray

• Periapical x-ray


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